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5 Applicable Practices for Marketing to Indonesian Consumers.

Posted by Admin on 2017-02-02 15:22:52

5 Applicable Practices for Marketing to Indonesian Consumers

Conducting a research before launching a product or service is a common sense. It is a way of predicting what kind of product and service might appeal to the target consumer. Yes, good quality is an inseparable factor for marketing success. But above all, smart marketing decision is way more determining than any aspects of your sales.

So, you have set your eyes to Indonesia? This developing country with rich resources and big demography is undeniably attractive for anyone trying to market their product. But, cracking Indonesian market is not easy. Its diverse demography and vast geography are some of the challenges to deal with before expecting a fruitful result.

To help you conquer the heart of Indonesian consumers, here are some applicable practices.

1. Consider generational and cultural gaps

With big population and various ethnics living in vast archipelagic country, you must consider cultural diversity to your marketing strategy.  In general, Indonesian consumer population can be broken down into older and younger generation. For older generation, the marketing strategies should emphasize on tradition and cultural values. While for younger generation, more creative strategies are preferable.

It is also important to have cultural understanding of what’s acceptable and what’s not according to the culture of target consumer. Some regions in Indonesia possess unique views and culture which cannot be overlooked.

2. Use English alongside with Bahasa Indonesia

English literacy of Indonesian people are increasing every year. And here, people associate English with sophistication. However, entirely using English in your campaign might not be so effective. Indonesian also take pride in their national language and identity, so it is a good idea to translate the content of your marketing to Bahasa Indonesia and leaving some parts of it in English.

3. Utilize Social Media

According Statista, the internet penetration among Indonesia population was 20.4% in 2016, with more than 77 million users accessing social media in monthly basis. It is essential to utilize social media to create successful campaign for your product.

4. Free Stuff


Indonesian loves freebies. During your promotional activities, try to give out samples. Even the value is not much, people are more drawn to it.  Once you hand out your free sample, the consumers get to acquainted to your product and might start to look for it if it suits their preference.

Illustration: Pexels

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